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SonicWALL offers a number of newsletters which can help you stay up-to-date with the latest in security news, threat alerts, tips/tricks, events, and promotions. Newsletters are sent either weekly or monthly and are available for several regions and/or languages. Start by selecting your region and language at left, then follow steps 1 through 3 below.

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Partner Newsletter

A weekly newsletter for our partners with exclusive information on selling SonicWALL products, special partner promotions, breaking news, and training events.register to download»

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Security Newsletter

A monthly newsletter informing you about the latest threats to your network, security news, events in your area, promotions, and more.register to download»

Service Bulletins

As new threats emerge, we upgrade our software to handle them. Be notified when a product you have registered is in need of a software upgrade. Bulletins will be sent as they emerge.register to download»

Events & Webinars Newsletter

Find out about upcoming events, training sessions and webinars in this monthly newsletter.register to download»

Surveys & Beta Programs

Do you want to become a beta tester of the next greatest device in network protections? Join our beta program and you can also help us to determine what our next product will do through surveys.register to download»

TechLink Newsletter

Sign up to receive periodical tech notes and tips for the product you already own.register to download»

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